BAGS Foundation CT is a 501(c)3 located in Waterbury, CT.

HOPE and OPPORTUNITY are the driving principles behind our organization.

BAGS Foundation CT provides counseling services, mentoring, pro-social recreation programs, and DDS clinical services and support to the Waterbury community.

We focus our efforts on the inner city where too many disadvantaged kids are starting down the wrong path. The Bags Foundation understands the importance of nurturing this lost group of youngsters and aims to provide them with the necessary tools to become active, productive members of their communities.

We stress involvement in organized sports because it provides a healthy, structured environment for kids to learn the value of teamwork, learn to take direction, and appreciate the thrill of competition.

In order to create well-rounded youth, we also introduce our kids to a variety of successful professionals who serve as role models and mentors: professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

The Bags Foundation also provides college prep assistance in the form of tutoring for the ACT and SAT tests, guidance counseling, job skills training, etc.