B.A.G.S Scholarship Foundation

HOPE and OPPORTUNITY are the two driving principles behind our organization. We use extracurricular activities and clubs as an avenue to expose, educate and develop the students of the Waterbury Public School District into college-ready students, athletes and contributing members of our community.

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Dream Summer Camp

B.A.G.S. Dream Summer Camp offers kids fun and enriching activities throughout the summer: swimming, baseball, kickball, basketball, football, arts and crafts, tutoring, weekly field trips, and more. DETAILS ABOUT THE 2014 DREAM SUMMER CAMP ARE HERE!

Mentoring Program

Our ABH certified BAGS mentors teach and empower children and youth to make positive life choices enabling them to maximize their potential. In addition to offering guidance and friendship, our mentors help students develop and reach positive academic and personal goals.

After School Program

This student development program offers daily recreational activities along with tutoring and personal enrichment. Youth sports act as a powerful mechanism to improve social development, self-esteem, health and athletic ability. We find achievement in sports translates directly to improvement in the classroom.

Meet our Executive Director

Former National Football League player Nakia Reddick adopted the Beulah A.G. Smith (BAGS) Scholarship Foundation upon his entry into the NFL. By joining the BAGS leadership team, Reddick hoped to provide at-risk students in his new home community of Waterbury, CT, with a mentor, role model or father figure that could assist in providing a road map to success.

From The Blog

The BAGS Scholarship Foundation teaches the youth of our community by sharing success stories, highlighting those that lead by example, and by showing instances of others beating the odds. We create a safe environment for kids to grow both physically and mentally through collaboration, teamwork and healthy competition.