The Beulah A.G. Smith Scholarship Foundation was established to provide equipment and supplies to students in elementary and high schools, as well as for students who want to engage in higher education. A major thrust of the foundation is known as the “Stairway to Higher Education Mentor Program” which teams competent, caring adults with aspiring young people.

Former National Football League player, Nakia Reddick, adopted a leadership role in the Beulah A.G. Smith (BAGS) Scholarship Foundation upon his entry into the NFL.  Reddick grew up in the inner-city of Miami, Florida, where young African Americans had few positive, male role models. By joining the BAGS Foundation leadership team, Reddick hoped to provide at-risk high school students in his new home community of Waterbury, CT, with a mentor, role model or father figure that could assist them by providing a road map to success.

In 2010, Reddick became the Foundation Director and evolved the BAGS Scholarship Foundation into BAGS Foundation CT and what it is today – a two-tiered organization offering:

The hope of a bright future for the troubled youth and disadvantaged adults of our community

Opportunity through sports development and competition