There are two distinct tracks to the BAGS Foundation:

  1. Clinical Programs: Culturally-responsive support for the most vulnerable populations in our community

  2. Pro-Social Recreation Programs: Hope + Opportunity through sports development and competition

The leaders of BAGS Foundation CT have seen first-hand what happens to kids that struggle in traditional programs.  That’s why we specifically aim to offer a safe haven to nurture and make a difference in the lives of the troubled youth in our community.  We employ well-educated, compassionate, and highly-skilled men and women to cater to the special needs of these kids in a free, daily after-school program teaching them life skills, job skills, anger management and behavioral counseling, academic tutoring, and any other specialized mentoring they might require. We also offer a platform to develop athletic skills and scholarship opportunities through sports clinics, camps, spring and summer leagues, All-Star games, and individual coaching – all led by accomplished and respected coaches and former collegiate and professional athletes.